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Practitioner Coach Diploma – Life & Executive Coaching (optional ILM Practitioner Coach Programme)

If you are new to coaching, this course is the ideal vehicle to achieve your coaching aspirations. You will engage in the development of fundamental knowledge together with the practical application and demonstration of essential coaching skills. Whatever your ultimate goal, the solid knowledge and skills base acquired through the Life Coaching course is vital to any form or arena of coaching.
It is specifically designed to offer smooth progression to students who have already completed the Practitioner Coach Certificate, and/or want to progress onto the Executive and Corporate Coach Diploma.
If you want to commence a career in Life Coaching, or plan to integrate core coaching skills into your present working role, this programme provides you with the relevant knowledge base and core skills to achieve your aim.
Having undertaken the Diploma programme, you will be able to:

  • Operate as a coach with the appropriate skills, models and mindset
  • Appropriately utilise, reflect on, and explore the expanding body of coaching theory and practice
  • Analytically reflect on your continuing coaching development needs and then take appropriate action to address these and develop your strengths
  • Synthesise knowledge and skills in order to advance your own professional knowledge and practice.

Fabulous Resources

Upon registration you will receive extensive Life Coach training materials together with a comprehensive handbook which will guide you clearly through every step of your studies. Having taken the time to browse through this guide you will feel comfortable, confident and eager to commence.
In the unlikely event that you are unsure about anything our friendly staff would love to hear from you in order to answer your queries.
It is important to us all that you are fully empowered to learn.
You have immediate password access to the student member’s area which is a 24hr a day online community where you can:

  • Access an ever expanding range of training materials and working documents
  • Be in contact with over 1000 coaches worldwide (find a study buddy!)
  • Promote your services.

Comprehensive and Professional

There are ten study modules that form an essential part of your course studies and they all provide rich content and activity to expand your learning on the key topics that, in combination, form the core experience of being a coach. You can then choose which three of them would interest you most for further study.

  • Conversation
  • Beliefs
  • Questioning
  • Values
  • Listening
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • The TGROW Model
  • Goal Setting
  • Building Rapport
  • Ethical Coaching

Teleclasses provide verbal tuition from experienced and highly qualified Coaches regarding many of the important facets of coaching.
The topics covered complement and expand on the study modules and provide valuable underpinning knowledge on which coaching skills are founded.

There is a huge range of teleclasses available to you including different lecturers speaking on the same subject thus offering various viewpoints, approaches, methods of working and expertise.
Because you can listen to these calls online, download to your computer or transfer onto your MP3 you can listen to them as often as you want, until you feel really comfortable with the learning that has taken place.

Individual Mentoring for Coaching Skills Development

Helping you to hone your practical coaching skills is a dedicated Mentor Coach who will work with you on a one-to-one basis.
These sessions are conducted by our highly trained and experienced Coaches who work to Noble Manhattan standardised assessment criteria.

You will enjoy no less than 6 one-to-one coaching sessions, structured specifically to give you practise in coaching on many of the most common issues.

You may also coach on a topic of your own choosing, which you can arrange with your Mentor. So if there is any particular issue in which you are interested you have the opportunity to develop your skills in this direction.
After each session your Mentor Coach will provide you with thorough feedback and guidance on improving your skills so that you reach a level of competence and confidence that Noble Manhattan students are proud to possess.

Learn by Example

Listen to a host of coaching sessions recorded for you.
These are real examples including students undergoing Coach Mentoring and Final Assessments. Hear the mentor and assessors feedback on each session so that you learn good techniques to use and pitfalls to avoid.
If you love to learn through listening to others this is an invaluable tool for you which you can use continuously.

Convenient and Varied

The learning is delivered in a truly multi-media format. This variation maintains motivation as well as making it easy for you to fit around your work and social life. Reading can be done at home, in the garden, on the train or at the office.

You can listen to Teleclasses online or download to your MP3 player so that your learning is totally mobile—take it in the car, for a run or to the gym.

Coaching practice takes place at times to suit you, and the 3 day jampacked residential ‘The NM Life Coaching Experience’ runs regularly so you can choose one that suits your learning schedule.

Intense Learning at the Residential Experience

Eynsham HallFor any life coach it is the acquisition of the sensitive, powerful and insightful coaching skills that are the most exciting parts of the learning process. This is why you will enjoy three days of intense, highly interactive training during which you will develop coaching skills and learn how to use powerful life coaching models. The training, interaction and feedback experienced during these three days are unparalleled in the coach training world.
You will be treated to three days of fabulous training, in a wonderful, peaceful environment at a luxury venue. Delivering the training in this manner sits very comfortably with Noble Manhattan’s ethos. Not only does it cause minimum inconvenience to our students, many of which travel from afar and do not want to be going backwards and forwards for 1 day events, but it also minimises the carbon footprint of our training.
Equally important is our belief that you should be freed from any other demands on your time or thoughts so that you can take full advantage of the learning environment and the opportunity to mix with like-minded people.
There are tremendous benefits gained from spending time with other students outside of the classroom environment. You can learn a great deal, develop life-long friendships, link up with study buddies and generally enjoy yourself.

Day 1

TGROW coaching model

  • Listening skills
  • Feedback
  • Understanding the role of a life coach – client relationship
  • Develop practical skills for effective coaching
  • To transfer best practice from the classroom and
    apply it to the coach/client relationship
  • Learn how to to achieve goals and solve problems
  • Learn how to establish issues on which to be coached
  • Understand the importance of helping clients to
    consider and choose options
  • The Coaching Partnership Model
  • Balance between pulling and pushing
  • Quality of an ideal coach
  • Real-life case studies
  • Understand barriers to coaching
  • Construct a personal development coaching plan
  • Learn what “best practice” means in today’s
    coaching environment
  • Gaining the successful qualities of coaches

Day 2

Learn coaching as a performance enhancement technique

  • Learn to generate more creative ideas and strategies for implementation
  • Learn to coach towards improved quality of life
  • Learn to coach with greater flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Learn to coach for the relief of stress
  • Learn skills in listening for, recognizing and quickly addressing potential obstacles and problems
  • Learn how to recognise and improve skill deficiencies in others
  • Learn a series of new tested transformation techniques for the coaching profession
  • Learn to develop a deeper understanding of your mind and how to observe and steer it
  • Master a key set of distinctions facilitating the flow of creativity
  • Learn how to discover and grow people’s potential through sponsorship
  • Start exploring a systematic approach to coaching
  • The Disney Creativity Strategy
  • The Miracle Question
  • Patterns of eye movements
  • The Money Clinic – changing beliefs about abundance
  • Belief conflict Integration
  • Logical levels of the mind
  • Presuppositions-Finding Limiting Beliefs
  • Belief Change Script, Belief Conflicts, Time Line

Day 3

Raising awareness of the importance of
self-esteem in coaching

  • Recognising levels of self-esteem
  • Understanding the difference between
    confidence and self-esteem
  • Measuring self-esteem
  • Learn how to coach clients to raise selfesteem
  • Practice coaching to raise self-esteem
  • Learn the importance of core values
  • Understand the relationship between
    values and goals
  • Learn how to conduct a core values
  • Learn the application of values elicitations
    in coaching
  • Learn the relevance of values and vision to
    goal achievement
  • Coaching a client to identify their vision
  • Learn how to help clients who
    are not particularly visual
  • An overview of goals setting
  • Understand the pitfalls of goal setting
  • Coach a client of goal setting

Great Support

There is a whole wealth of support available to you throughout your studies and much of this is detailed at the back of this brochure, but, needless to say, we want you to succeed and we will go out of our way to make sure you do.

The Head Office team is a great bunch of friendly people who just love talking to students and supporting their growth.
If at any time you are unsure about how to do something or just want a chat and a boost, just phone us up. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Continuous Professional Development

Throughout your course you will keep track of your development and this record will stay with you during your growth as a Life Coach, recording any further courses, experiences or knowledge gained. It will be a fabulous testament to your hard work and the exciting path along which you have travelled. All professional coaches take seriously their own learning and development and always recognise the value and importance of growth and the desire to be the best.

Noble Manhattan trains professional coaches to a very high standard and so helps to develop the tools to support their lifelong learning. After completing the Life Coach Diploma, if you wish to develop your coaching skill set to encompass working in the executive, business and corporate environments you have the option to progress on to the Executive and Corporate Diploma.

Building your Coaching Practice

We take pride in the fact that in our view we provide more opportunity than any other company for our students to build their Coaching Practice. We do not take up a huge chunk of the main course on this subject as for those intending to apply their skills in current employment, it is inappropriate. However, from practical written guidance given upon completion of the residential experience and advice at the end of a phone to additional workshops and optional membership of our Business for Coaches, if you want to build a successful coaching career, Noble Manhattan can support you all the way.

Student Support

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