Coaching Skills Workshops Overview

Gerard O’Donovan, Europe’s No. 1 and most successful Life Coach, who has personally trained over 1,000 Life Coaches, runs these 5 highly experiential workshops.

These days offer invaluable learning to new and seasoned coaches and those that have never experienced coaching at all, but want to apply these fantastic skills within the workplace.

Each day presents the students with a series of short workshops, which concentrate the more important aspects of coaching and take the skills of the coach to a higher level. Not only are these events jam-packed with a variety of enjoyable, instructive and interesting workshops, numbers are kept strictly limited in order to maintain quality learning for every attendee.

You will also leave the day carrying with you a full copy of all the trainer’s notes and resources thus equipping you with the tools required to train others in these important topics. This will be of particular interest to those of you who would like to generate further income by making such presentations or want to implement the training within their own organisation.

In addition to the workshops below you will get all of the following:

    • A special, optional, question and answer session on ‘How to Build Your Coaching Practice’ during which Gerard will help those who feel in need of a little inspiration and direction.
    • The Full Trainers Resource pack, so that you will then be in a position to go and deliver these workshops yourself and generate income

Each of the following days are stand alone events which offer different combinations of workshops

Power Coaching

      • Power Ball
      • Coaching Out Of The Box
      • Setting Boundaries
      • The Coaching Circle
      • Coaching Models

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Results Coaching

      • Using Grow To Achieve Goals and Results
      • The Ten Major Questions Of Performance
      • Building a Better Team


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Relationship Coaching

      • Using T.G.R.O.W. in Team Meetings
      • Becoming a Better Leader
      • Coaching To Increase Sales and Enhance Customer service

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Performance Coaching

      • Brainstorming
      • Analysing Complex Issues
      • Coaching and Project Management

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Motivation Coaching

      • The Coaching Context
      • Asking Dynamic and Effective Coaching Questions
      • Coaching To Work With The Four Major Personality Styles

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