Noble Manhattan is proud to be known as the most caring coaching company due to the sensational support structure that we offer to our students. We believe that we are unique as a training company because we not only support our students when they are training with us but we also support their career once they have graduated by presenting them with the structure which will encourage business to flourish!

Listed below are just some of the support areas in which we excel.

Personal Support

From first contact with the company the staff will ensure that you enrol on a suitable course and throughout your entire study period they will help with any problems and answer all your questions.

Support Groups

Noble Manhattan has support groups in many towns and cities which meet once a month; these are excellent opportunities to network in a particular area and for meeting other students, forming study groups and for students to get experience of coaching by offering members of the community free sessions.

Global Community

Noble Manhattan has a vast global community because their distance learning package means that they can make coaching available to everyone, all over the world. You will have access to the members’ area which consists of chat rooms, online discussion boards and the chance to make new friends and meet other students. You can be great support for each other during your quest to become fully qualified coaches.


Noble Manhattan regularly attends exhibitions. We offer you the chance to come with us and offer coaching sessions to members of the public interested in coaching, which helps you to establish business connections and possibly future clients.

Business for Coaches

Is a global on-line community offering one of the most comprehensive range of back office support services available. Invaluable to students and newly qualified Coaches alike, especially those with limited business acumen. Membership benefits include over 1,000 members with whom to network; over £500 worth of bonuses; unlimited free opportunities to promote your services; initiatives to generate extra income including additional work and PR prospects; and limitless access to a vast range of audio and documental resources. Basically, everything you need to establish and grow your business while saving you time, money and freeing you up to do what you do best – coach. Benefit sooner rather than later by logging onto Free three month trial only available to Noble Manhattan students.

Specialised Business Opportunities

Once qualified, you will have the chance to specialise in unique areas of coaching via cutting-edge business
opportunities. These include:

  1. Meaningful Change Weightloss
  2. Courtroom Coaching
  3. Boardroom Coaching

Ongoing CPD

We are committed to helping you achieve mastery in coaching. Our programme of courses is specifically designed to encourage and enable CPD. In addition we provide regular teleclass lectures for all our students and graduates so that you are continuously updated with the latest from the coaching world.

Online Resources

Noble Manhattan has a wealth of online resources which can be accessed through the members area. These include recorded teleclasses, downloads, PDF’s and much more to guide students through their studies and keep them up to date with current debates and affairs in the coaching world. We have information about virtually every aspect of coaching and are always updating and adding to the library.
Help Launching and Building your Business

  • Press release – we will aid people who are setting up their own coaching business by providing them with a press release to issue to their local newspapers and radio stations.
  • Website – we can assist you when it comes to creating your own website by writing script, creating the page and teaching you how to access it and make changes.
  • Stationery – we have a contract with a large firm of designers and printers to give you the best stationery at the best price.
  • Brands Created – work with our company and associated professional companies to help our qualified coaches to build a world class professional business portfolio and generate large amounts of business.
  • Reciprocal Links – Noble Manhattan has one of the highest profile sites on the internet in the world of coaching. We are happy to provide a link to your site to gain more exposure and a more prominent place on the search engines.
  • Profile – We are delighted to have secured deals with huge international franchises such as ‘The Best Of’ to help all our students and coaches raise their profile.
  • Exhibitions, Business for Coaches and Specialised Business Opportunities – as detailed on previous page.

Sales Training

On a regular basis we provide specialist training to help all of our students and coaches manage their business effectively.

Discounted Coaching

Once you are part of the Noble Manhattan family you need never pay full price for coaching again, we have organised special TRADE RATES for any of our coaches who wish to have coaching themselves.


Be proud of your industry, love what you do, be an ambassador for the world of coaching and Noble Manhattan coaching and earn an income by promoting quality coach training.

One-on one with Gerard

Gerard is always happy to have a coffee on the phone or face to face with both students and qualified coaches and is happy to offer advice and support whenever people feel they need it, or just have a friendly chat!