Noble Manhattan is proud to be known as the most caring coaching company due to the sensational support structure that we offer to our students. We believe that we are unique as a training company because we not only support our students when they are training with us but we also support their career once they have graduated by presenting them with the structure which will encourage business to flourish!

Listed below are just some of the support areas in which we excel.

Personal Support

From first contact with the company the staff will ensure that you enrol on a suitable course and throughout your entire study period they will help with any problems and answer all your questions. We have Master Distributors assigned to specific countries to make sure students are given the support they need.

Support Groups

Noble Manhattan has support groups in many towns and cities which meet once a month; these are excellent opportunities to network in a particular area and for meeting other students, forming study groups and for students to get experience of coaching by offering members of the community free sessions.

Global Community

Noble Manhattan has a vast global community because their distance learning package means that they can make coaching available to everyone, all over the world. You will have access to the members’ area which consists of online discussion boards and have a chance to connect with other students. You can be great.

Build Your Coaching Practice

Gerard O’Donovan, a well-known expert in the coaching industry, is eager to share his expertise with you. Through Noble Manhattan, he offers a comprehensive toolkit, training, and resources essential for achieving success as a coach. In an unparalleled one-day seminar, Gerard will guide you through essential insights to help your coaching practice not only survive but flourish. This exclusive event provides an up-close opportunity to learn from Gerard, including exclusive techniques for business development, attracting and retaining high-paying clients, leveraging cutting-edge social media strategies, building a substantial prospect database, and effective networking. These in-depth seminar and workshop are recorded and can easily be accessed in our member portal. This will help you boost your business growth through networking and much more.

Ongoing CPD

We are committed to helping you achieve mastery in coaching. Our programme of courses is specifically designed to encourage and enable CPD. In addition we provide regular webinar for all our students and graduates so that you are continuously updated with the latest from the coaching world.

Online Resources for Students and Graduates

Noble Manhattan has a wealth of online resources which can be accessed through the members area. These include recorded webinars, downloads, PDF’s and much more to guide students through their studies and keep them up to date with current debates and affairs in the coaching world. We have information about virtually every aspect of coaching and are always updating and adding to the library.

Help Launching and Building your Business

Coach Finder – Coach Finder stands as the foremost global directory for Professional Coaches. Whether you seek guidance in life, business, relationships, or aim to achieve your aspirations, Coach Finder is your ultimate destination. The platform boasts an extensive roster of Coaches hailing from all corners of the globe, offering a diverse range of skill sets and invaluable experience. You’re encouraged to connect with these accomplished individuals, men and women alike, and initiate a virtual coffee chat on Zoom. Embark on your journey towards personal and professional growth with Coach Finder – your gateway to an expansive network of expert Coaches.

Coaching Development and Support Webinar

We offer a monthly coaching development and support webinar tailored specifically for our students and graduates. This invaluable resource equips them with ongoing insights and guidance to enhance their coaching skills and knowledge. By participating in these webinars, our students and graduates stay at the forefront of the coaching industry and continue to excel in their professional journeys.