Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd is proud that their courses attract funding from the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) as this is a fantastic way for students to fund their course and only start paying for it after they have completed the course and are earning the extra money this can generate.

Since they were launched in 1988 Professional and Career Development Loans (PCDLs) have helped tens of thousands of people to give their careers a lift.

Men and women from a wide range of educational and employment backgrounds – employed, self-employed and unemployed – have benefited from the opportunity to invest in learning. Some have used a PCDL to open the door to a whole new career. For others it has meant additional qualifications and improved prospects within their chosen field.

So whatever your ambitions, a PCDL can be the key to improving your working life, transforming your career prospects and unlocking a whole new future.
Quite simply, a PCDL is a deferred repayment bank loan to help you pay for vocational learning or education. You can borrow anything between £300 and £8,000 to help you fund up to two years of learning. The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) pays the interest on your loan, while you’re learning and for up to one month afterwards. If you finish the course before the agreed date, the repayment holiday will end up to one month after your last day of training. You then repay the loan to the bank over an agreed period at a fixed rate of interest.

There are three elements to a PCDL; Course Fees, Other Course Fees and Living Expenses. You can apply for your loan to cover one or more of these elements. The loan can be used to cover up to 80 percent of your course fees plus up to 100 percent of any related expenses. If you have been out of work for three months or longer at the time of application, you can apply for a PCDL to cover 100 percent of your course fees.


You can choose to spread the cost of your course over a period of up to 9 months by taking advantage of one of the various easy payment schedules offered by Noble Manhattan. There is no interest charged, only a minimal administration fee.

This is a great service offered to assist our students who can opt to set up a monthly standing order or credit card authorisation.


Noble Manhattan’s aim to make training accessible to everyone who has the desire to develop their skills and career opportunities means that there are also bursaries available to individuals who have suffered particular hardship. Applicants are assessed on an individual basis.

If you feel this may apply to you please call our friendly customer care team who will be delighted to discuss this further.Call Now