Noble Manhattan Coaching is committed to providing the opportunity for all coaches to grow and develop their skills and knowledge. As with all professions, continuing to develop is an important addition to becoming qualified. Your development as a coach is paramount to your success. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can include: attending courses, workshops and webinars to learn new tools, techniques and methods that are directly related to or applicable to coaching. Keeping up with new developments in the coaching industry and learning new ways of dealing with different things can provide an added dimension to the coaching you offer. Supporting our coaches not only during but after their training has always been something we are proud of. We offer a number of opportunities to enable coaches to add to their knowledge base and increase their skills including:

  • Monthly Coaching Development Webinars – one evening every month
  • Coaching Master Classes – a regular once a month-one day masterclass
  • Quantum Goal Achievement – a two-day course teaching cutting edge techniques on goal achieving
  • Accelerated Learning – a unique two-day programme teaching you how to access your genius potential
  • Elegant NLP -A special two-day programme teaching appropriate NLP skills for coaches
  • NLP Practitioner Course -a dynamic two day certificate in NLP
  • Build Your Coaching Practice-a unique one day intensive course teaching you how to build a financially viable coaching practice.
  • The Alpha Group- a special opportunity for just a unique few people to build a thriving practice in your own city or town
  • Coaching Support Groups- be a coaching support group leader in your own city or town

To ensure that our coaches continue to grow professionally and continue to develop their skills and knowledge we have established a division within Noble Manhattan designed specifically to fulfil the need for CPD. Courses, workshops and webinars are offered on a regular basis providing Noble Manhattan students and qualified coaches the opportunity to learn cutting edge tools and techniques together with gaining further training in specific coaching niches. Click here for our current schedule of continuing professional development options contact the office for more details