If you can do only one thing to improve your business, attend this seminar!

Being an effective coach is one thing. Effectively operating a coaching business is another thing entirely.
Wouldn’t you like to know how to guarantee your coaching business will thrive financially?

Gerard O’Donovan knows how, and he wants to show you. Once again, Gerard is revolutionizing how coaches do business. Through Noble Manhattan, Gerard has provided all the tools, training and resources you need to become a successful coach.
Now, he’s going to take you step-by-step through ‘must know’ key points to show you how to create a practice that not only survives – but thrives.
This unprecedented one day seminar includes your front row seat to master-level learning with Gerard,
including unseen techniques on how to build and grow your business how to attract and keep new high-paying clients,
how to use cutting-edge Social Media techniques
How to build a MASSIVE database of interested prospects
how to network effectively
You will learn in-depth, cutting edge seminar and workshop strategies that explain, in plain English, how to radically accelerate your business growth via networking.
And so much more.
This day also comes with a complete moneyback guarantee-
Let’s read that again…how to radically accelerate your business growth. Wow! Isn’t that exactly what you just said you wanted?
Learn from Gerard, who has successfully built and continues to run five large multinational companies as well as being a highly sought-after and successful life and executive coach- the techniques he will teach you REALLY WORK

This incredible day has now been professionally filmed and is available also as a high-quality five hour DVD.

I came with great expectations, but what I got was beyond them! Can’t wait to start putting in practice what I have learnt. Thank you!
Business Building Day with Gerard O’Donovan, was far more more than a workshop. It was the “real-deal” in the coaching training area and indeed, I have no excuse now not to extend my coaching business to a great professional level. There is probably no wonder that after attending this training I was finally able to make a step of great awareness and responsibility for my own life – I quit job and decided to dedicate my full time and energy to my coaching business. Gerard gave us very practical instruments and tools and lots of case studies examples. I can say now that I understand better the world of coaching and also how demographically and statistics studies help me identify better opportunities, risks, competitive advantages and also how coaching fits in today’s world wide scenery.
Thank you, Gerad!
Alina Buzatu, Professional Life Coach

A huge thank you to you and your team of presenters for giving your time today.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all the information.  Before I came along I had in my head had so many coaching business ideas and questions swirling around… through the knowledge and patience of you and your team I have come away with a clear action plan of how to begin my business and how to begin marketing my services.

Ali Soleil, Professional Life Coach

A big thank you for such an information packed day!  All the presentations were excellent with great tips on the dos and don’ts of starting up a coaching business. I came with some strong views about what I thought was the way to do it and had everyone of these confirmed!  With those little doubts firmly put to bed,  I can move on with confidence. Thanks again!

Jacqueline Frost, Professional Life Coach

I  thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic time at the “Build Your Coaching Business Event” in London.  It was everything and more that I had hoped for.  The seminar that Gerard delivered was superb, it included great tips for generating new clients and provided valuable resources for establishing your own coaching business.  It was incredibly informative and also lots of fun!  The Guest Speaker was George Metcalfe who is also a well respected coach and consummate networker, he offered plenty of ideas and supporting mechanisms for cultivating your portfolio of clients.  I would totally recommend this valuable day for anyone wanting to succeed within their coaching business.

Jackie Dougan, Professional Life Coach
Just finished watching your DVD Business Building for Coaches; absolutely brilliant, helped enormously to fine tune my thoughts before I need up spending hard earned cash unnecessarily. I’d highly recommend it to anybody seriously looking to make a committed business out of coaching.
Andrew Flower
Thank you very much for all the support that you offer. The meeting with Gerard was a very important experience for myself. I need to thank him for all his generosity and enthusiasm he shared all that useful information and also for the courage and belief that he offer us in what we can do. There are many things that I understand now, and I already apply in my activity, and for sure i will have the results.
Cristina Nastasescu

Greetings from a sunny Bucharest! Thank you for allowing us to access  the BBD course during the residential course, I am now able to watch and learn from it! I wanted to shortly write you and thank you for this opportunity, I started watching it today and cannot stop following it and making notes, and downloading resources that you recommended during the course. It is inspirational and very useful, and your energy makes it even more impactful! Thank you and I hope to write you soon enough that I started implementing everything on my own business!

Laura Balanescu

“Building your Coaching Business promised it would be jam-packed with useful information and it fully delivered. The quality of speakers was exceptional and meant that I felt entertained whilst gaining valuable knowledge. I took some very practical, creative steps within the first few days of attending and have been able to put together a comprehensive plan of action for the coming months.”

Carl Rodrigues

The training was great and to be honest I am sitting now and working on my database 🙂 I got a lot of energy and got inspired and learned a lot! At the same time I really enjoyed the whole training! I think all people did, some of them I spoke to and they said the same – full of energy, inspired, motivated!
Sylwia Zawada
Many, many thank for yesterday’s (07/17/10) session. It was interesting, informative, entertaining and worth every penny! In fact, having the opportunity to listen and learn from experienced and successful coaches like yourself and George was invaluable. I always had the fire in my belly to succeed. but this has helped fill in the blanks in my strategy and has allowed me to see where my attention should be focused. A fabulous, fantastic day!
Kemi Kukoyi, The Coaching Pyramid Company
Jakie and I just got back from London, what a great weekend and thanks for your “Build your Business Training Day, my only regret is that at some time during the next week I will have to sleep 🙂
Dave Dougan
Gerard O’ Donovan dazzled the seminar with an innovative range of brilliantly communicated practical ideas for building our (coaching) businesses. If I follow his instructions, I have no doubt that I will have the ability to become a top earning coach sooner rather than later.Thank you, Gerad!
George Metcalfe, Professional Life Coach
I just wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable and informative ‘building business’ day, in London yesterday. I wasn’t able to thank you and George, in person, for a really worthwhile and enjoyable day. I’m delighted to have completed the practitioner course with Noble Manhattan and I am really looking forward to carving out my new career. Thanks for your help.
Niki Watkins

Coaches, It’s high time to blow the doors off your current notions of business building

A huge thank you to you and your team of presenters for giving your time today. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all the information.
Before I came along, my head had so many coaching business ideas and questions swirling around.. through the knowledge and patience of you and your team I have come away with a clear action plan of how to begin my business and how to begin marketing my services.
Ali Soleil
A big thank you for such an information packed day!
All the presentations were excellent with great tips on the do’s and don’ts off starting up a coaching business. I came with some strong views about what I thought was the way to do it and had everyone of these confirmed! With those little doubts firmly put to bed, I can move on with confidence. Thanks again! P.S It was way too cheap!
Jacqueline Frost

This jam-packed seminar includes:

  • Techniques to build your coaching business
  • Insights to generate new clients and build profits
  • Help designing a highly lucrative business plan
  • Support to craft a powerful elevator speech
  • The secrets of highly effective networking
  • What not to do when marketing your business
  • Special business-building tools and products
  • How to create a “success” mindset
  • Master class advice on image and first impressions
  • Understand how others perceive you and your message, and where to ‘tweak’ both for better results

We promise you.. this will be a day unlike any other you have ever, or will ever, attend!

I had a wonderful day on 08/11/09 and Gerard was magnificent. He is very inspirational and is very good at making people feel good about themselves, he is such a brilliant speaker.
When you listen to him speak, you just want to go out there and carve out a career for yourself. There was plenty of useful information and as usual Gerard was most generous.
Lyn Edwards
The day was AMAZAING!!! The info given was priceless! I can already see that as soon as I get cracking and applying all the info gained into practice it’ll help me generate loads of new leads. I really appreciate that I was allowed to attend as I have gained so much in that short space of time!!! Thanks for the info about BigLife. I have in fact registered with them today.

At the end of this seminar, you’ll come away with:

  • A complete list of essential tools to get started immediately…and specific knowledge to use these tools for maximum effectiveness
  • A thorough understanding of effective communication…and an immediate plan of action
  • Specifically how to catapult your earnings skyward, as far as you wish to go!
Building you Coaching Business promised it would be jam-packed with useful information and it fully delivered. The quality of speakers was exceptional and meant that I felt entertained whilst gaining valuable knowledge. It took some very practical, creative steps within the first few days of attending and have been able to put together a comprehensive plan of action for the coming months.
Carl Rodrigues
Just wanted to personally thank Noble Manhattan Coaching for an outstanding training day. The Business Building Day was jam packed full of practical and informative advice for anybody serious about developing their own coaching practice. I have come away with many wonderful ideas, which I am now putting into action. Thank you.
James Hunt, Professional Life and Business Coach


Gerard O’Donovan’s Three Simple Steps to Success, and how to use them in your coaching business to achieve stunning results!


This seminar is not for the faint of heart.
If you have all the coaching clients you’ll ever need and all the success you’ll ever want, we appreciate your time, but please don’t attend.
Only Seminar Attendees Will Be Granted Access to The Following Master-Level Education:
Step Inside Gerard’s Personal Vault of Business Success Secrets to Learn the “Mechanics of Wealth”
Does this sound like you?
“I desperately want to build my coaching business. But how? I wish someone could take me by the hand and show me what to do…show me how to transform my business…”
Guess what? You got here just in time. That’s exactly what the Business Building Day is all about.
Gerard will walk you through his proven process, in an easy-to-understand, step by step method, explaining:

  • Exactly how to generate leads (It’s not what you think!)
  • Exactly how to build a huge database of interested prospects
    (They’re looking for YOUR products and services NOW!)

It couldn’t be any more personal if Gerard and George invited you to tea.

Here’s another reason why it’s truly crucial to attend:

Gerard and George will teach you how to use today’s most innovative technology to develop automated income streams which literally produce income while you sleep! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you are at home, at the office or sunning yourself on an island, this system works hard to build your business and create profits.

And if this isn’t already an opportunity beyond your wildest dreams, you’ll also receive two brand new, hot off the press, complimentary DVDs, Outrageous Marketing Skills, and The 7 Qualities of Super Achievers, valued at £12.99 each.

Don’t wait to reserve your place for this fantastic event. Please contact the office NOW:

By e-mail:
By phone: 0800 1910100 (UK only) +44 1305 769411
Teas and Coffees will be provided

p.s. In case you’re wondering if this rare opportunity is really right for you…

Can we at least agree that coaching is a unique business,
demanding distinctive business tactics to achieve true success?
Then why waste your time on anything but Master-Level education to get you where you want to go?
If you are:

  • Hungry for new clients!
  • Anxious about achieving greater success!
  • Dreaming of bigger profits!
  • Eager to enjoy an explosion of recognition and respect!
  • Ready for a newfound sense of satisfaction!
  • Pumped up about transforming your business and your life…

…this is the only business development seminar you should consider.

What are you waiting for?!! Gerard and George are standing by to teach you an exclusive approach to building a successful coaching business that is generating stellar results for coaches across the globe. You don’t want to miss it!

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